Curated by... Lance Wyman

Curated by... Lance Wyman This talk coincides with the exhibition detailed below. Lance will talk about his career and influences. We are delighted to host such an important figure in Graphic Design and Communication. The exhibition Private view follows this talk and will then be open to the public from 4–31 March Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery Sheffield Hallam University Cantor Building, 153 Arundel St, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2NU This exhibition hosts the vast unseen archive of graphic design ‘log books’ belonging to Lance Wyman. Lance Wyman will go down in history for his Mexico 1968 Olympics design, but he has also completed commissions for a huge variety of other projects. Many of these have been designed for the general public, and exist in the lived environments of cities and institutions. Lance Wyman has assiduously kept a record of all his sketches, polaroids and diagrams from the beginning of his career. They are not sketchbooks — he calls them ‘design logs’ – and he maintains them rigourously. As Wyman says ‘Sometimes I go back and revisit something, and it’s easier to do it with all the dates and everything. It’s just been a way of me keeping in touch with what I’ve been doing. The thing is, when I’m focused I’m really focused, and when I’m not focused, I’m really not focused. So the log books keep me focused without having mentally to be focused all the time.’ The ‘design logbooks’ form a comprehensive catalogue of Lance Wyman’s work since 1972 and we are delighted to be able to exhibit them. In association with Unit Editions kindly supported by

Where: Cantor Lecture Theatre
When: March 3, 2016, 5:30 pm



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